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Free sample Meditation
by Ingrid

Just lay down on your yoga mat or on a carpet, switch off the distractions, dim a bit the light and enjoy this relaxing meditation for 8 holy minutes.

guided meditatio relaxation_2023-07-13_11-39-03Ingrid G.
00:00 / 08:00

Did you enjoy it?

If so, you may consider to purchase a very personalized made-for-you meditation. For your very own personal regeneration needs.


Specify your Intention, desired time lenght, meditation position,

with or without music /nature sounds/ subliminal doubling and more.

Just write me your message, and let us clarify together the details!

Contact me either by WhatsApp, Telegram or E-mail:

Paare, die auf dem Strand meditieren

I can´t believe it! Hearing to your guided meditations has helped me to guide me into a little relaxing refreshing "theta journey" during the day. This is completely new to my life!
I am really grateful for this, dear Ingrid!

Ute O., Cosmetic&Massage Entrepreneur,Germany

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