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Schlafen mit Augenmaske
Improving your sleep and health.

Improve your sleep and wellbeing with the ease of relaxing Customized Guided Meditations.
Experience more lightness, health and joy in life.


RELAXATION is vitally important in our full packed days. We need ways to clear the stress hormones from our body so that it gets the chance to repair itself well.

There are proven ways to reduce the stress hormones in the body: doing sport, practicing yoga, breath work, meditation, hugging yourself or a loved one, singing, dancing ...

But taking the time for that is frequently an issue.

The best time to repair and calm down is the sleeping time. But even that can be an issue today, because the stress itself is responsible for a poorer sleep quality.

Here is where my recorded guided meditations come into place. They help you sleep better and release the stress triggers, so that after some time, you won´t even get stressed anymore.

With a good sleep, you will start the day in a wonderful energy, and your emotional body will be stronger, you will see and experience life with more joy and ease.

Are you happy with your sleep?

Maybe you are familiar with this:

In the night in bed, either you can´t get asleep or you wake up at least one time in the night (and then you can´t get asleep again until 5 minutes before the alarm clock rings).

The mood is not best when you stand up in the morning and so you feel very susceptible, overwhelmed with everything. When you feel overwhelmed, a lot of things go wrong. You start to hurry up so that you get in time to work.

So it will come that you start the day already with stress.

And feeling stressed makes it more probable to have a fight/discussion with someone (because our body is in survival mode due to the stress hormones).

Because you are more susceptible, you will take things more personally, and you will feel frustrated for little things that don´t go your way/as planned. (very common mornings in families with little kids: poor sleep + morning runs to get in time to school and work= yelling and rushing).

 When we are frustrated because of the fight/discussion with our loved ones or someone at work, our head tries to sort things out the whole day (taking our energy away like an open app in the background) leaving to even more stress, more bad mood, feeling overwhelmed and maybe yelling at others that are supposed to “be helping us more” or in “the way we expect them to do but they won´t”.

This leaves to more frustration.

And finally in the evening, after living the whole day in survival mode, you will be prepared perfectly to have a …. bad sleep again:

Either your head will be trying to sort out the fights and emotions that you had during the day (the stress, the “errors”, the guilt feelings, the conversations, etc.)

or you will have nightmares which reflect the inner conflicts and fights you are facing during the day, aka, the physical world.


After waking up from a nightmare, maybe it will take hours to get asleep again because our brain starts thinking again about the problems. In between, you are checking the clock and stressing about still not being asleep.

Next day, of course, you will feel shitty again. And cycle starts again.


Sleep is known to be important, because our body regenerates, refreshes and repairs at night.

When we are relaxed before going to sleep, our thinking mind will switched off at this time, and our subconscious und unconscious will be at work to repair your body, and taking care that it is kept alive during the night. In this time, your cells repair, and your genes are actualized with everything that happened during the day, as they store all the information about our own lives and also contain the experiences of our ancestors’ lives.

One could say that the memory that they keep are the Akashic Records. Everything that you experience in your life is saved there.


But please: don´t get also stressed about what “the experts say about” how long you are supposed to be sleeping! This is really very personal. As everything else in life too.


For example, when my kids were little, I was maybe sleeping 2x 3 hours/night, and I was fresh like a rose in the morning. Probably because I ate 90% raw vegan food to that time and my bonding mummy hormones (oxytocin) supported me.

-> Oxytocin helps the body to reduce much faster stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) from our body. Instead of 5 hours time get rid off cortisol, oxytocin will speed up the process and shorten the stress in the blood and body to about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Sport also melts down the stress hormones (if you stop afterwards for the rest of the day the guilt and blame thoughts)

-> Raw vegetables are known to give the body a lot of energy. The cooking steals them more energy. So the food you eat will give you as much energy as the food itself has available.


The most regenerating and important part of your sleep is the deep sleep in low Delta brainwaves ( they are about 0.5 to 2 Hz frequency).

The worst time to get awake is in the middle of a dream (theta brainwaves) or in the middle of the dreamless delta state. In this state, if your alarm clock suddenly rings (or your kids wake you up because they have an urge), there is missing the smooth waking up phase, which would be for the brain, to get smoothly to a higher vibration into the low alpha state, before completely waking up into the high alpha state. When you are waked up while in the delta or theta phase, you will feel really tired, shitty and disoriented.


Here are my tips for feeling fresh, rested and wonderful in the mornings:


  • Regular sleeping time.

When we go to bed always to the same time (around 10pm), and we know we have to wake up at 6 am, our subconscious will program our sleep phases in a way that at 6 we will be “ready with sleeping”. The brain will train itself for it. But going always go to bed to different times, it will be more probable that you are not “ready with sleeping” when the alarm clock rings, feeling really very sleepy and tired in the morning.

  • Darkness stimulates Melatonin production, so make sure the light of your living room before you go to sleep is nicely dimmed. If you watch a screen (TV, computer or mobile), it is helpful for our natural hormone production to use orange glasses that filter out the blue light. The sun light spectrum of the sunset is the right one for relaxing the thinking mind and preparing for sleep.

  • The natural sunrise light will smoothly wake you up in the morning. You can use this natural method when the time of the sunrise where you live in is approximately the time you want/have to wake up

  • Empty stomach. It is scientifically proven that the body regenerates better in the night with an empty stomach. So taking the latest meal at 6pm the latest. Even better if you even leave the dinner completely out (intermittent fasting is proven to be ideal for the body to regenerate and reduce inflammation – it is  a great alternative to long period fasting, which would be more recommended in cases of illness where fast action is required, like cancer,  which you can already avoid if you eat healthy and do regularly the intermittent fasting). This is also a longevity secret 😊.

  • Avoid alcohol at night: Your liver will not be able to regenerate and to clean your blood properly. Please consider to bye-bye the myth and believe about the “good wine” in the evening. Alcohol is not good for health in any means and makes the skin look dull. Reduce it as much as possible: Let it be the exception instead of the “normal”.

  • Slow down your busy mind (beta brainwaves) into alpha brainwaves. This is called: Relaxation. The best way to relax before sleeping depends on you. It can be reading a book, listening to nice relaxing music for about 20 to 30 minutes, or listening to a guided relaxation meditation.

  • Avoid TV in the bedroom. Using TV to get asleep is not a good idea, bc when you are getting asleep, everything that is said in TV get directly and unfiltered into you subconscious mind (so you are letting the TV program you with what you need to have, be and with fears)

  • Journaling before sleep. Journaling is excellent specially if we have been busy with some conflict that happened in the day.

    1. Write down what makes you feel that way,

    2. Use a deep breath to connect with your Heart

    3. forgive yourself,

    4. forgive the person involved

    5.  write a sentence about why you are GRATEFUL for this person and this EXPERIENCE you had today. What does it say about your own beliefs and values in life? Are your actual beliefs values serving you for the life experience you want to have? Can you forgive the path that you did not chose?

    6. Write: I love myself even if I felt ________ today. It is OK to feel like that because all feelings and emotions are an expression and an aspect of LOVE and my human experience on earth.

    7. Awaken kindness and love in yourself : Hug someone or yourself. Let someone stroke your head or do it yourself. Doing this, the oxytocin level will increase and let the stress hormones melt down much faster than normal.

    8. Or: Pray in gratitude for every aspect of your life that is supporting you in this life.

  • Relaxing Binaural Music (no longer than 30-45 min.), for example try one linked in the player down below this text.

  • Now lying in bed,  close your eyes and breathing out, let a wave of relaxation flow from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

  • Relaxation is more important than perfection. From the above tips, see which ones you can integrate with more ease in your life. Don´t be dogmatic, find the middle path. Don´t judge yourself: This leaves to guilt and though to more stress.


May this information serve you for your highest wellbeing and happiness :-) !

P.S: If you would love an awesome customized  relaxing, healing and rejuvenating

Made-for-YOU Guided Meditation, which e.g. also defines your awareness filter for seeing more of what you´d love to open yourself in life to, just click a button to contact me:

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Image by Paige Cody

SelfCare should be possible as a part of our normal life.

If you have a busy day, the last thing that you probably need on top are extra appointments with a therapist or taking an extra hour to meditate in the early mornings.

The solution: integrating customized guided meditations in your bed time routine helps you convert this time into deep relaxation, transformation, healing and good sleep.

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