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Let me channel and craft for you your very personal Customized Guided Meditation

... and they are my specialty.

For this I use my knowledge of yoga, NLP, hypnosis and my calm, present, relaxed VOICE.
What I like about guided meditations is that they are not only relaxing, but they also help release subconscious fears;
Those fears that cause us to react with stress to certain situations and things in life.

Scientific studies of epigenetics prove the many positive effects of meditation on our cells and gene expression.

When we relax the mind, the wrapped chromatin of the genes relaxes, and thus the genetic information can be better reproduced/copied to form new proteins.

Thus, relaxation of the mind helps to holistic harmonization and regeneration at all levels.

As an engineer and yogi, I am convinced of this:
Meditation is the medicine and beauty application of the future.

But not everyone knows how to MEDITATE, and the mind can easily wander...
That's why I develop GUIDED meditations for you.

More relaxation leads to more emotional balance.
More emotional balance leads to more energy.
More energy to more clarity.

More clarity to more joy with your loved ones.
More joy, to more health.

This is how the circle closes!

What happens after the payment?

When you pay you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

After a consultation (over E-mail, WhatsApp or Telegram) to clarify your main personal needs, I develop (within max. 5 days after the consultation) the perfect meditation for you, of approx 10-15 minutes duration, which you can then listen to every night when you lie in bed, which gently guides you into sleep and works throughout the night.


  • German, English and Spanish,

  • with or without music or nature sounds

  • with or without subliminals.

  • According to YOUR personal, emotional and health needs.

I want that!

I can´t believe it! Hearing to your guided meditations has helped me to guide me into a "little relaxing refreshing nap" during the day. This is completely new to my life!
I am really grateful for this, dear Ingrid!

Ute O., Cosmetic&Massage Entrepreneur,Germany

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