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Üben Yoga durch das Meer

Know Thyself


A guided 12-week-Group-Coaching-Program that will SHIFT your Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence and Energy to the next Level and PULL YOU OUT of any actual Stuckness

Are you feeling constantly
stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated or in anger ?

It is not always easy to be human, is it?

We try constantly to do our best, try to get better at everything or try to hold it all together for the sake of protecting our loved ones or showing trust in them by cheering them up. We try to be the best and better in the work we do, be the best father, the best mother the best son or doughter, friend, lover and eventhough, at the end we seem to fail again with a feeling of anger or frustration, thinking that, it does not matter what we do, it is never enough ...

I want to invite you first to give yourself a big hug . You deserve it. You are human, a unique expression of the divine. And sometimes the only thing that we need is just taking a couple of deep breaths, forgive and understand ourselves, instead of judging and punishing ourselves more.

The more we judge ourselves, the more splitted we feel instead of whole, and the more splitted, the more we will feel like we have to DO so many things in order to heal the splitted world, and ... the more stressed we will be.

But the good news: when we heal the split inside of us, we heal the world outside. Everything feels lighter, easier and flowier. Our cells repair better, our aging slows down, chronic pains and inflamations start to disolve...

And all of that just because, we finally exit the survival mode wich keeps us daily flooded in stress hormones like cortisol.


  1. RELAXATION is vitally important in our full packed days. We need ways to clear the stress hormones from our body so that it gets the chance to repair itself well.

There are proven ways to reduce the stress hormones in the body: doing sport, practicing yoga, breath work, meditation, hugging yourself or a loved one, singing, dancing ...

But taking the time for that is frequently an issue.

The best time to repair and calm down is the sleeping time. But even that can be an issue today, because the stress itself is responsible for a poorer sleep quality. Here is where my recorded guided meditations come into place. They help you sleep better and release the stress triggers, so that after some time, you won´t even get stressed anymore. With a good sleep, you will start the day in a wonderful energy, and your emotional body will be stronger, you will see and experience life with more joy and ease.

2. GETTING TO KNOW YOURSELF BETTER, so that you become more aware of your emotions, feelings and thoughts so that you can regulate yourself back into balance, before your body is flooded with stress again. When you understand how your brain, hormones, feelings, emotions and actions work together, you start becoming a master of communication with your body and your world.

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Hi, I´m Ingrid, your guiding Coach

I will guide you through this journey and keep you motivated and inspired till the end.

Be prepared to experience a massive SHIFT in your ENERGY, your SELF-AWARENESS and your SELF-CONFIDENCE. I am more excited about the TRANSFORMATION that you are going to experience than I would be of an 2 week all inclusive vacation on the Balearic Islands :-) !

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