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About my Work

HI! I´m Ingrid!
I´m a 48 spanish telecomms engineer  living in Germany since 25 years.
Before becoming mom 15 years ago, I worked for 12 years as an international Roaming Engineer for Vodafone and as a chairman for a GSMA subgroup, engineering the IP backbone network for IP traffic between UMTS networks  in a fantastic international team.

Since my second child was born, I have stayed at my fully ecological self- designed toscana style woodhouse in Germany 😅.

The main things that I am passionate about are COMMUNICATION, MUSIC, Dance and Health. So after adding some certifications in the last 6 years ( yoga, life-coaching, hypnosis and NLP), I am now tying these together to offer
Awesome "Made-for-you guided Meditations for Relaxation, Beauty and Health", in german, spanish and english, building now my online business  based on this concept.

This is how it works: After having a converstion with my clients about the specific needs for a more happy life for them, I help them to bring awareness to the aspects that trigger them, and I develop for them a meditation that will help them to dissolve the trigger that causes them the most stress, so they can finally relax, regenerate and rejuvenate from cell level.

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